Student discounts in the U.K..?

Where (clothes wise) offers good student discounts? Do some places have special weeks where the discount is more, if they do, where and when!!!?

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  1. shylock says:

    Most shops offer a student discount except primark and tkmaxx. The discounts range from 10% – 20%. There are no special days for discounts, as long as you have a student ID card available, whilst your checking out your clothes,let them know and they’ll give you the discount. Examples of popular stores are: Next/Lime, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop/Topman, Peacocks etc

  2. James D says:

    topman/topshop give you 10% so do burton/dorothy burtons.

    Most of the big chains will give you 10%

  3. christian says:

    When I was a student we got things called a ‘snap fax’ which was basically a credit card sized leaflet which we took around everywhere. It’s full of amazing discounts for all sorts of things including clothes but also eating, drinking, cinema.
    I know that most major cities which have a student population have one so it’s worth seeing if you can find one relevant to you.

    One word of warning is to avoid store cards. They will offer incentives such as up to 20% but they can end up dragging you in to debt.

  4. amy e says:

    Most Arcadia stores will give you 10% off (some of these stores are Topshop, Toman, Miss Selfridge, Wallis, Dothory Perkins, Burton…). HMV do their own student card which is available if you have a photographic student card of your own. I’m from Scotland so I don’t know if this is a Scottish thing or a UK thing but I have a student snapfax which gives me entry to clubs, free cinema tickets or a further discount of student tickets, discounts in beauty salons, restaurants, bars, some shops, etc… I got one free in my college but you can also buy them for £2 or £3. Most discounts are 10%, you should search shop sites you’re interested in to see if they have a discount. Most huge retailers should have them already as it’s becoming an important part of high street shopping I think.

  5. Anz xxxxxx says:

    Get a UCAS card to get discounts for

    – Superdrug
    – Bella Italia (Cafe,bar, restaurant)
    -PC World

  6. apsara s says:

    NEXT has all year around student discounts. BHS also do but not sure its always there,

  7. The Devil says:

    Devils Emporium offer exclusive discounts to students within the UK. This is a designer outlet specialising in Watches and a whole host of other items including gadgets, fashion accessories – I am sure you will find something of interest.

    If you are a student and wish to claim a massive 6% off any product simply input code STD3003 at the checkout!

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