Student Finance Difficulties?

My daughter is in her second year of uni. In sep 2011 I became a single mum (separated) with my youngest turning 18 in September 2012. Now, my eldest sent off for student finance this year, they wanted documentation that I was in receipt of benefits. I sent them my council tax and housing documentation, which shows that it was just me claiming. They keep sending the stuff back as they say I need evidence of a 25% discount single occupancy evidence on the form. I have just looked this up and it seems that I would have had to claim that when I was in receipt of those benefits. However, I did not even know about them, so how could I have claimed them and now have no evidence to provide student finance for the year 2012/13. They say I could have a letter from the solicitor for my marital status but I haven’t gone for a divorce yet. I am working now so do not claim any benefits, so could not go and claim this single persons discount now. I feel that they want to stop underprivileged kids from attending uni, because my daughter will not be able to survive on the loan itself and I am receiving a low wage and would not be able to support her. I do not understand how they can not accept the documents already sent that show that I was the only claimant at the time. Does anyone know what I can do to rectify this please. I want to phone them but would like some guidance if possible. Many thanks.

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  1. Politically Correct says:

    If you are the only person in your household over the age of 18 that is not a full time student, you are entitled to a single person’s discount ( 25%) from your council tax. Whether you are working or not, you will qualify for this and should apply today.
    Student Finance are concerned that you are presenting yourself as single but are not. There is a lot of fraud in this area as people can’t be bothered to get married any more and honesty is soooo last week. You need to provide them with evidence that your husband is no longer part of your household. By the way best to stay away from the pity party about ‘underprivileged kids attending uni’ as that will not achieve anything useful and will annoy them as much as it does us.
    Get your husband to provide evidence of paying council tax at his new address and and explain that you did not know you were entitled to a discount.

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