Students – whats the best bargain you've found?

I know you’re on here procrastinating from your reading/essay/dissertation, so take a mo to tell me what the about the best bargain you’ve found!
For me – I got a belt in primark for 50p, i never wore it tho and sold it on ebay for £7 a few months later. I’ve also got some pretty cool stuff at the freshers fair – a ‘shag pack’ of condoms and lube, tin of beans, millions of pens, J20, deodorant, a purse – random stuff!!! Oh and in my 1st 2 years there was an international food fair at the beginning of the yr that not many ppl knew about so I went along and had a massive free lunch of stuff like louisana gumbo, irish stew, thai curry etc!
Ok, if you cant be bothered to read the question dont, and dont bother posting a useless answer criticising the question, it’s a free country

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3 Responses to “Students – whats the best bargain you've found?”

  1. natalia k says:

    best bargain was related to clothes, I found a great black jacket, very comfortable and worm for only 29$, I was shocked, thinking the price was wrong, but damn it was right so I bought it without hesitation.

  2. me_me!! says:

    that was the longest thing i read in a long tym.. lol

  3. Natural Beauty says:

    Wow you are a typer!!! JEEZ!

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