success at car boot sales?

I’m doing my first car boot sale on sunday and wondered how much i should be selling books for. They are all paperbacks in excellent condition. What else sells well at sales?

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  1. angela c says:

    Hi, i love doing bootsales but have not done one for a couple of years. I found books dont sell that well and wen they do you cant ask a lot for them in nothing over a pound i would say but if they are newish books in good condition and the buyer seems interested ask them to make you an offer even if you think it is too cheap you dont have to accept and if they want it will always go higher. Get there as early as you can cos bargain hunters come very early and will practically get inside your car for a bargain! Clothes will sell well if they are on hangers on rails pressed and clean toys seem to do well if they are in a decent condition. At the end of the day people are looking for a bargain that is the point of the sale so dont charge too high and i would nt advise pricing things up cos it will put people off! Hope it helps and you have fun and make some money!!!!


    electric things sell e.g. mobile phones, DVD’ discs. Also perfume sells well. Not many people are there for books.

  3. sues says:

    you can ask 50p for each book latest titles may get £2 but everything depends on your location the further north you are the cheaper the asking price
    you could defer your prices by going around before you set up and see what others are charging have a great day love car booting i do much better than ebay

  4. LEN M says:

    Fiction usually go for around 50p, although you might get a £1 or more for specialist non-fiction.
    Clothes go well, if clean and well displayed

  5. joannepp says:

    hi, i have done a few and to be honest people really do want something for nothing! I found selling hard backs for £1.50-£2 and paperbacks £1 got rid of them. good luck and be there really early or they will be like scavengers!!!!! I made the mistake of arriving just before the advertised time and had some items stolen!!How low can you get?

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