Suitable 500w Replacement Psu For Hp G5208uk?

I have a HP G5208UK desktop computer and I am doing a full upgrade on it. So I need a higher power supply to power my new graphics card (preferably 500w) without breaking the bank. I was thinking of buying this:
as it seems pretty decent. My only problem is on my current power supply (HP 570856-001) there is an exhaust fan whereas there isn’t on the other fan.
So I was just wondering will this new fan still keep my system cool even though there is no exhaust fan?

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2 Responses to “Suitable 500w Replacement Psu For Hp G5208uk?”

  1. sewrobb says:

    Of course it would have helped if you had said what the
    Video Card wattage was in the first place.
    So the only two answer available would be yes or no!
    What you need to do is do is do a quick calculation
    of all the internal hardware wattage required and
    then add another 20%.
    If your concerned about cooling then add extra
    chassis fans.

  2. Laurence I says:

    a few pointers
    1 a fan blows out the Hot air from the supply so your pc
    still needs a case fan that it should have anyway
    2 you normally get what you pay for, so a cheap supply is probably
    a) not very efficient so the 500 watts wont have the oomph you think it has
    b) it wont have modular(separate) supplies for power video cards separately
    3) often it may not even have power cables for the latest peripherals so check
    …if you need SATA or not
    my suggestion is…..
    spend a little more, get a modular supply if you can
    the link below is the cheapest i could find

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