summer sales?

is it just me or have the sales been rubbish? do they get better or worse towards the end of july, or is it just xxl sizes left at 75% off?

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4 Responses to “summer sales?”

  1. MISSY G says:

    Hopefully they will get better , seen as we have had no summer all the better clothes should go sale, well that’s what im hoping for

  2. Good Girl says:

    OMG i cant stand summer sales, they make me sick.
    Endless queues, too much traffic! and AWFUL clothes which are from last season and couldnt get sold!
    The clothes are terrible, they are left overs, which need to be sold quick, before the new autumn stock arrives!

  3. pixietrix says:

    I don’t know where you live, but where I am they have been great. I got all my holiday stuff for under £50.00 and bought myself loads of summer clothes

  4. masters missymoo says:

    As someone who works with clothe and we always have a 50% off sale all year round, i find that the good clothes in average sizes are always snapped up first and if we cant get rid of the old stock they get reduced to really low prices. Like 3 quid for jeans for example if they were 40 waist.

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