supermarkets and good bargains?

what offer do you know of that is a really good bargain? im out shopping shortly and im looking for a good deal

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4 Responses to “supermarkets and good bargains?”

  1. wine-o says:

    asda. 2 tins quality street £7. only a bargain if you like them.

  2. I_am_not_bad says:

    Which country? Which town? What do you want to electrical x-mas stuff, drinks?
    A bargain is difficult to define. Is a bargain just cheap..or cheap if you buy twenty cans of it? A nice perfume can be a bargain for 40 if it normally costs 80.. is that a bargain to you?
    A little bit more input please.

  3. caroline1409f1 says:

    How about looking in the reduced items section – stuff that’s nearly out of date. If you can freeze it (and have a freezer) stock up while it’s cheap. Otherwise most of the UK supermarkets do 2 for 1 deals on stuff – just keep your eyes peeled.

  4. selina.evans says:

    Sommerfield have roasting beef and gammon joints at £5 per kilo instead of their usual £10 per kilo. Aldi have a range of fruit and veg, including butternut squash, as very good prices. M&S are offering three for the price of two on their Christmas get the cheapest item free so make sure that you get three items of around the same price..and not four, if the fourth is cheaper then it will be the free one…two lots of thee items in the same basket will also be juggled to make sure that the cheapest are just three..or six of similar value.
    The Asda are offering three for twos on some things and two £10 items for £16 on a variety of other deals ..but the stores are so big that you have to take your time to make sure that you get a good idea of what there is in any’s too easy to miss some of their offers,especially in the food sections
    but if you check out the gondola ends of the frozen food sections there are always good deals on food; and usualy at least one on pizzas.

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