Supplementary income? (Sales, other?)?

I run a small engineering-cum-R&D co and I am finding that the credit crunch is starting to bite….a number of my best clients’ are in the building trade and so as you can imagine, the cash flow there has slowed to a trickle. I am now looking for other possible revenue streams. Anyone got any ideas? Freelance sales seems to be the obvious solution…I have no direct sales experience as such (although of course running a business involves sales on a daily basis)….I am hoping to find something that might complement my existing business if possible: sales in a technical area? Just scouting around for some ideas at the moment….thanks.
Geelolee… Male prostitute, er steady on thats not what I was considering….Thanks…I can do any kind of work but the present problem is keeping my business going and I have a lot of overheads: manual work just won’t earn enough.

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  1. Flyby says:

    I don’t recall ever hearing the term "freelance sales" but from the title I assume that it is something similar to a manufacturer’s sales rep where you have your own business and are not really accountable to anyone. You contract with companies to sell their products or services without actually being an employee. That is certainly an option, but most who enter that field have a number of years experience. However, this economy warrants trying new things. We need to look at anything that will generate revenue. Perhaps you could take a look at consulting in your area of expertise. The pay can be good and could complement your present business. Some companies will utilize a consultant on a short term basis without having to commit to a long term contract or hire a new employee. I would think this would be appealing during a slower economy due to the shorter term commitment of the company.

  2. Beach bum says:

    See > jobs; ask for their FAQ/Photo brochure and have an amazing time reading it. However you’ve got to be between 18 and 88 years old though. No kidding, I’m at age 70, my spouse and I are making great money each while mostly sitting on a beach somewhere, enjoying the sun and having fun. Good luck.

    Old beach bum 🙂

  3. Paul S says:

    Go to the website, review, and contact them. They are looking for people who can work from home computer.

  4. geeloeeloee says:

    I like the idea of you becoming a male prostitute… Lol.

    But seriously, MLMs might be good, not only to make more money, but to sharpen your sales skills a bit further. They were never my cup of tea, but you seem the type who could actually make it work.

    Or you could always fall back on getting a job. I got a "temporary" part-time job at UPS over three years ago, while I worked on getting out there in the art world.

    I make enough working 5 hours a night to pay all my bills. Any other money I make is something to build with. Plus, manual labor keeps me in decent shape.

    Just thought I’d mention it. Hope it helps.

  5. says:

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