Survey, so deal…………………………………….?

or no deal?

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40 Responses to “Survey, so deal…………………………………….?”

  1. FINNY says:

    deal… BWA HA HAAAAAA BWA HAAA HAAAAAAAAA ha haaaaa… *echoes for a few seconds* ack *cough* *cough*… ehem so yeah deal
    oh and pinhead is awesome

  2. You've Been Kramerified! says:

    Bran muffins.

  3. Fox Girl says:

    no deal

  4. Ernie™ says:

    No deal

  5. One Happy Egg says:

    Can I ask the audience?

  6. The Killer Webkinz Force says:


  7. †Striga† says:

    Deal…….*horror music*

  8. British Much? says:


  9. julie a says:

    no deal..I will take my chances..

  10. ♫ MU5!C FR3AK ♫ says:

    no deal
    if you want this iten you’re going to hve to offer more money before i hand it over

  11. P3iiGHTON-L3ii says:

    dont be greedy or you’ll lose it all.

  12. Elsa says:

    How Much Money Again

  13. #48 says:

    ummmm…..aaaaa…..*looks at family*

    NO DEAL!

  14. Rex Feral says:

    PinHead, where you been?

  15. Sephiroth~The One Winged Angel~ says:


  16. chloe jane says:

    no seal.

  17. JAWS says:

    No deal, I want to go until the end.

  18. Madi says:

    um i think no deal and bran muffins 😛

  19. p®ì§ñø® øƒ Løvè a.k.a. ®øY says:

    no deal

  20. kennaamy says:

    When people ask questions like this they just get plenty of good old abuse

  21. Welcome To England says:

    No deal.

  22. Summer Love. says:

    No deal. Your probably just trying to info from me.

  23. edwin says:

    my answer is "OR"

  24. PrettyinPink says:

    someone give me something to do before i break someones face.

  25. **KrAzY** says:

    no deal ALIENS

  26. Midnight says:


  27. ±/®ÅÑgű/ says:

    i know its wrong to gamble at my age but NO DEAL

  28. Simon C says:

    seal the deal!

  29. nawtaperfectgrl says:

    No deal!
    *audince cheers*

  30. *miisz_desi[: says:

    NO DEAL HOWIE!!!!!!!!!!
    *claps from audience*

    -opens breifcase-

    &i got a penny

  31. Tara 55 says:

    no deal

  32. Miss Smith says:

    Throw in a banana and I’ll think about it.

  33. Jo$h says:

    its an ok show

  34. Calla Lily Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I ♥ Spring! says:


  35. Millie says:


  36. Baran D says:

    No deal!
    My mama told me that I shall not deal with foreigners.

    (it’s frightening me)

  37. Agent Orange says:

    No deal!! For the last time I’m not a prostitute!! *Runs away crying*

  38. Hilda Matilda THE Cooking Fat x says:

    no deal , unless you offer me a bowl of trifle too xxx

  39. Edgein says:

    I do not make deals with terrorists , listen make me a good offer or I will send in the SAS. And one thing they will do is scare you witless all your pins will fall out so ……………….think about it.

  40. Chixy says:

    deal, for a quarter of a million
    no deal, for less than that

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