Survey: When Did You Last Get An Absolute Bargain?

.. I just got a load of HMV gift vouchers at a knock-down price.

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10 Responses to “Survey: When Did You Last Get An Absolute Bargain?”

  1. ღVεηusღ says:

    I hope you can get a refund.
    I bought burgers from tesco on buy one get one free, im just glad i had the birds eye ones and not the Tesco make they are recalling this morning.

  2. Maia says:

    So long as they were cheaper than Andrex you’re quids in!
    I got a Google Nexus 7″ for £179 which I thought was good. Real bargain.

  3. charlie says:

    crockery plates!

  4. Palm trees says:

    2 dollars for razor blades

  5. Lorraine says:

    Good for you! 🙂
    I saved a lot on my textbooks for college this semester. I saved over $100 for one class.

  6. Robert says:

    red limited edition marshall stack for half price, head and cabinet, new for 400 bucks dude didnt know what he had

  7. Emily says:

    i got the black bag that I use for a fiver bargain it’s lasted over a year

  8. Ana says:

    A party dress for €10 which I wore at New Year´s.

  9. char says:

    That would be because HMV doesn’t accept them anymore

  10. Big says:

    Today. I spent 18 dollars and brought home 3 bags full of goodies.

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