sweeney Todd, DVD?!?

I live in england and cant wait to get sweeney todd on dvd, but i know that it does not come to england on dvd till end of may. Does anyone know of anyway i can get it!? .x.

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6 Responses to “sweeney Todd, DVD?!?”

  1. cjb221 says:

    ebay.co.uk or play.com

  2. Emma says:

    Try Play USA as it may be out there on an American region 1 dvd earlier than here. Make sure your player plays region 1 first though!

  3. l k says:

    u can go to video shopz-dependin on if u want privacy but most shops don n da copies r gd or go to online auction shops like ebay

  4. Lucy K says:

    Try Amazon or Hmv it’s where I get some DVDs

  5. Cartomarta says:

    no you have to wait i think that if you wanna see it that bad that you should watch it on youtube but i think that it is worth the wait

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