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I Need Some More Information About This Tablet Please?

I am thinking about buying the following tablet here is a link I want to ask the following questions Can you Skype on it How long should it last Can you download apps

What To Do About Mother Who Hates Boyfriend Or How To Confront Her?

**PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH** My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now, and have never really broken up. We talk daily online via video messaging (and when we are not video messaging, we are text messaging). We truly are very happy together and our personalities just go together. He is […]

Should I Buy This? I’m Not Too Sure About The Truth Behind This.?

I was looking online for a decent refurbished Apple Macbook Pro, and came across this. I’m kinda skeptical about just how true this sale is. What do you guys have to say about this? Should I go ahead and buy it, or just keep scrolling? Link Below:

Should I Be Worried About This Scenario?

The following responses before answering my question won’t actually help me in my current scenario so please don’t say them 1. ” Stop stealing” you don’t know my terrible economic situation i’m in right now. In addition,that still doesn’t change the fact someone saw me,in a way. 2.” Come clean” I need this job to […]

Interview And Job Questions About Hot Topic?

I have an interview with them on Monday at 2:00pm but I had some questions about the interview. I have seen half and half opinions on what to wear to it. So, formal or casual? Or just like I would to work? Also, for a sales associate position, I heard that you can get like […]

Help Xbox I Need Help About Xbox?

i need to get a free xbox 360 in Pakistan.Can anyone tell me way to get one i can spend around rs.9000 (100$).But in Pakistan that is impossible to get a xbox at that price.If anyone have any info please help or anyone willing to sale tell me who is it?

Question About The Tax System In Russia?

The question based on Investing for Dummies Determining your tax bracket 66 The first and the last dollars – that’s a really interest concept that I have not heard about or might have forgotten – the point is that your income is taxed differently for the amounts making up your income. Thus, the first thousands […]

About How Much Would Front Row One Direction Seats For Their 2014 Tour Cost?

My friend and I want to get the Ultimate VIP package for the Where We Are tour. We live in Pittsburgh, PA and I heard that if you buy the tickets right when they come out, it’s only $350. Is that true? How fast would they sell out for somewhere like Pittsburgh? Also do you […]

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