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What Are Ways I Can Get Vouchers For A Acting Sag Card?

Well Im a struggling actress and I know about the “Three voucher rule”, I’m just wondering how I can get the 3 Taft-Hartley vouchers so I could be invited into SAG!? I’ve done some background acting in Non-Union movies already and I’ve got 1 Taft-Hartley voucher so far, so what are some other ways I […]

Best Cities For An Acting Career?

I want mid-level cities.. not like LA or NYC that are dog-eat-dog non stop (if you get what I mean?) Here are a few cities I have in mind… Tell me what you think is the best. Houston, Texas Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Detroit, Michigan Balitmore, Maryland Boston, Mass For the first 2-3 years of my career […]

Help Asap! Dog Is Acting Like He Has Side Effects Of Anesthetics But Hasn’t Been Put Under!?

Dog is acting like he has side effects of anesthetics, but hasn’t been put under since the 11th of April. Im worried! Symptoms~ *Off balance *Cant raise head, if so falls over *Head is shaky *drooling very bad *Very alarmed by every little thing. There are more symptoms, but these are all I can thing […]

Why Am I Acting This Way At 23?

i have been diagnosed with anxiety and i freak out about everything, test where i get A’s, hw where i get straight A’s cleaning, everything, most recently ive been freaking out about a doctors apt. i had where the test results havent been given to me yet. im worried that i have cancer or any […]

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