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3 Sneaky Psychological Tactics That Will Have Your Boyfriend Literally Begging You To Take Him Back!

We have all lost an ex boyfriend or girlfriend at one point in our lives. Needless to say, it is one of the most painful experiences that a person can go through in life. But does the end truly have to be the end? The answer is, no! Couples get back together every day so […]

What Do You Think Of My Political Views -agree Or Disagree?

Here they are: Taxes: They should be lowered on everyone (by a lot). The tax code should be simplified Budget Deficit: I think that I balanced budget is important, and as I support lowering taxes drastically, I support deep spending cuts to avoid going deeper into dept Government intervention: Government regulation on businesses is bad […]

Do You Agree With E-cigs?

The EU plans to ban the sale of E-liquid and limiting it to 4mg. Do you think its because of the influence from the tobacco companies? They might as well ban tobacco too.

Discounting The Ending, Would You Agree That Mass Effect 3 Is A Superior Game To Mass Effect 2?

Yeah its better. The only thing that sucks is the multiplayer is OK.

If Me And My Ex Agree On 50/50 Custody, Will I /or She Still Get Her Section 8 Voucher?

she’ll still get her section 8 voucher. If you are not working or unable to earn enough to pay rent for you and your children, go and file for a section 8 voucher of your own.

Why Would Labcorp Agree To Take Such A Low Fee From Someone Using Rxcut Discount Card? is example of rates labcorp will take using this free card. The rates aren’t as good but similar to patients with insurance from what Ive seen based on my invoices. So by requiring payment upfront is the company taking gauranteed money (no postage for bills, no insurance billing costs, and no risk of collections) […]

Do You Agree With The Supreme Court’s Decision That Gun Control Is Constitutional?

“Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court’s opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on […]

The November Is Being Very Much A Close Thing To Think About Now- Can We Agree On The Fact That We Need A Man?

Like Mitt Romney and his Running Mate Paul Ryan as his Vice President and as the President Mitt Romney will turn this nation around with his Vice President; how about a one cent sales tax on each dollar over day the next six years.

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