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How much power will a car stereo and speakers draw from a battery?

I’m setting up a 12v audio system which will be run from a battery, and i’m just trying to figure out what power the system is likely to draw from the battery? So for example: I have a stereo in my van at the moment which is rated 19W RMS and 50W Max per channel. […]

Does Dispatch On A Saturday!?!?!?!?!?

I ordered an item on Saturday from a seller on amazon, do items get dispatched on a Saturday? Because I need it by Thursday and it is 3-5 delivery days.

how do I keep my pond clear?

Hi I recently purchased this filter from amazon For the firsr 3 weeks it kept the pond clear and no sign of blanket weed. But after the last month or so, it has got murky and blanket Weed has started to appear. Is there any way i cab keep it clear? Thanks

What is that thing called that lets your gameboy colour games save without a battery?

The same problem most have, my pok√©mon silver does not save. I can’t change the battery because I nearly broke my crystal version doing this (it works and saves, though) and I don’t know anyone professional to do this. I heard there is a machine (I would assume to be shaped like an action replay) […]

if i buy my phone abroad will it work at home?

i am planning on buying a brand new sony xperia miro with vodafone sim on payg off im wondering if because i live in ireland the phone wont work properly.

Has anyone bought a sony erricson headset from

I have a sony erricson headset ( but I lost one of the little rubber covers that go over the headphone, so since I’ve done this twice I thought I should buy another headset. When I went on Amazon I saw that the rubber covers were bigger than the ones I had on my headset […]

Can I use my Visa Debit Card for Help??

I like to shop on and I have just got my card through the mail yesterday. When I look on amazon to add my payment methods, all that is says is that I can add a credit card but no debit card option. When I look on the credit card option there is a […]

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