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*t-mobile Employees/managers* How Can I Get Hired As A Retail Sales Associate?

So I have gone on to t-mobiles website, set up a profile, and submitted over ten resumes – once about 5 months ago and again now. I didn’t see or receive an assessment to take. I have extensive customer service experience and some sales experience. I was at my last job (Allstate Insurance claims center) […]

I’m 16 Getting First Job Sales Associate High Standard?

Im 15 turning 16 in late April. Anyways I’m looking to get a summer job and I would like to get a job at a sports retail place by a nearby mall. The Mall has a Dick’s (sporting goods), Finish line, and Footlocker. I would like to get a job as a sales associate because […]

What Are Some Key Mistakes That A Sales Associate Makes When Closing Sales?

What are some closing pitfalls to avoid? What are the most common?

Walmart Associate Can’t Get To Site For Verizon 20 Percent Discount?

Go in person or call. Did you know that you can make any company name and that they do not check if you work for walmart? They give a discount to everyone. All you have to do is state a big company and ask for it. Note: Are you sure it’s 20%? That could be […]

What’s It Like Working As A Sale’s Associate At Macy’s?

According To The Occupational Outlook Handbook, What Would A Sales Associate At Walmart Be Considered?

I’m working on an assignment for my sociology class using information based on Barbara Ehrenreich’s book “Nickel and Dimed.” I need to find specific information for each job she held. I’ve already found three and the specifics I will gather on my own. I just need to know, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook on […]

Sales Associate Or Waitress?

In your opinion, Which job looks better and earn more ? Thanks

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