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How do you deal with negative emotions personally, are you religious or atheist or other?

Most people resist them which only makes them stronger and last longer. I thought it would be interesting to contrast how atheists deal with them compared to theists. People of faith may have the advantage here.

Do The Leftists, Secular Humanists, And Atheists Really Think They Can Keep Attacking Religious Freedom?

Dear Wal-Mart, Today is May 18 and I just got back from your store. When I walked in, no one said “Merry Christmas” to me. Not the greeter. Not the cashier. This bothered me so much, because my faith in Jesus Christ needs to renewed each and every day by having Wal-Mart employees say “Merry […]

Atheists, How Do You Feel About Your Tax Dollars Being Used For Teaching Young-earth Creationism?…

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