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Is this gaming pc good enough for battlefield for and at which settings?

I was wondering if this gaming PC is good enough for battlefield 4 and at which graphics setting? (Low-Ultra) here are the specs: Item Features: AMD Bulldozer FX6100 FX6300, 6 Core Processor / CPU running at a blistering 4.1GHz! 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz 1600Mhz RAM AMD / ATi HD 7750 Graphics Card With 1GB 2GB Dedicated […]

When Do Back To School Sales Start?

And when can we shop with the “no sales tax?” for walmart?

Treating An Orchid Plant Back To Health?

I recently got a visibly not greatly nourished Orchid plant from Walmart. I have been wanting one for months now, but once I went to Walmart, I saw they had the Orchids on a discount deal, so I bought the healthiest looking one (they all looked poorly tooken care of) and I really want it […]

Hostess Brands Is Back In The 21st Century?

they go on sale in markets wat is the good sweets u pig out on this is why it’s America’s favorite treats You happy the ding dongs and sno balls are back

Y Cant I Make My Horse Go Forward When I Ride All She Does Is Back Up?

i ‘ know what to do please help i bought her at a sale barn and know nothing about her but they said she was broke to ride help me or she is going back to sale if i cant figure out what is wrong with her and i don’t want to do that cause […]

When Using The Casino Bus From Nyc Port Authority To Atlantic City Nj,do I Get 20$ Back From Casino?

I know that in the past it was like that, and was wondering if they still give this voucher. Thank you so much for your help& time!!!

Can A Draw Against Future Commissions Be Charged Back?

I started a sales job and receive a draw against future commissions. My manager says he will send me a bill for the remaining balance if I terminate the job early, since he will be charged for my remaining draw balance (about $3500) Is that legal?

Do I Have The Right To Get My Money Back?

I bought a video game from a game store for the Wii, when I returned home to try it out, the disc wouldn’t read on my Wii. I returned to the store to get my money back because the game doesn’t work on my Wii, instead the employee gave me a voucher of the money […]

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