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Please Help, Im I Being Scammed ?

Ok im 16, ive applied for a job using indeed job search app. I applied to alot (30+) , i had only one response from the jobs i applied to. The reply was: Thankyou for your intrest in are vacancies.. blah blah blah.. Please send us an email with your full addres, name & ukash […]

Is Being Number 138 On The List For Section 8 Good Or Bad?

They called me & asked if i was still interested and i said yes. I had to fill out paper work & do a background check. That was last month. I called yesterday and the lady told me I was number 138 on the list. Is that good or bad? About how long will it […]

I’m Being Treated With Prejudice At This Mexican Restaurant I Got A Job At?

I thought it was my impression, but I feel like I get a lot of dirty looks and ppl stare at me. I feel like maybe they don’t want whites working there. so then I over heard a guy who was staring at me a lot say ” gee there’s a lot of white people […]

Being In The Military What Kind Of Discounts Can I Get When Buying A Car?

Hello I am in the army and looking to buy a pre owned 2011-13 car. I was just wondering if there are any discounts for members of the armed forces. Thanks

Is Is Worth Being A Member Of Country Club (holiday Pack) For 9000 Dollars?

it is a pack wherein you get 2 plots of land in bangalore, india + 23 years of holiday offers + free stay in 4000 hotels across 104 countries + 480 dollars airline voucher + 7 years free stay in dubai for 1 week per year + free use of facilities in any hotel at […]

Am I Being Too Sensitive To My Friends Response?

I originally posted this in friendship but I think that is mostly for teenagers, so I am re-posting it here…. I am an under employed grad student and single mother who has never received a child support payment.Last week I was reading a Facebook post from a friend who I haven’t seen in a few […]

Can I Start Getting Special Treatment For Being White, Heterosexual, And A Tax Payer?

Seems like everybody wants special treatment for the skin color they were born with, and the media seems content to segregate us by writing stories about “the first black this” or the “first Latino that”. So I was wondering if i can get a special month of the year, a parade, maybe a discount at […]

Does He Like Me, Or Is He Just Being Friendly?

I used to work at Walmart. Like many of the Walmart chains in the country and probably around the globe, The store has a McDonald’s restaurant by the entrance. During my break, I would grab lunch from there. It was a month later I noticed that one of the managers was making eyes at me. […]

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