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What Colour Should I Paint My Room?

Me and my brother are switching rooms, his room colour is light green but I don’t like that colour and the colour of my bed set is brown. So what colour should I paint the room?

What Colour Of Converse Sandals?!?

So, my daughter is going to CEF camp (highly recommend it) and is getting new outfits for it. She has saved up for converse sandals. She doesn’t have a clue what colour to get (red, white or blue) It is this type of converse: Can I design them online?!

Will My Hair Dye To This Colour?

My hair is strawberry blonde (,r:8,s:0,i:139&tx=59&ty=92) and I want to dye it mahogany brown ( I have dyed my hair like this before, but it was a bit brighter and more red, so will this one work? I’m using a home dying kit, the one I’ve linked. and please don’t tell me to go to […]

What Is That Thing Called That Lets Your Gameboy Colour Games Save Without A Battery?

The same problem most have, my pokémon silver does not save. I can’t change the battery because I nearly broke my crystal version doing this (it works and saves, though) and I don’t know anyone professional to do this. I heard there is a machine (I would assume to be shaped like an action replay) […]

Which Colour Dress Should I Choose?

I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I’ve found the perfect dress but I’m not too sure what colour I should go for. I really want the ribbon red but I’m not too sure on whether I’d suit that or the naked one more.…

Which Colour Dress Would Suit Me?

I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am also very small so I don’t know if a peplum dress would suit me? the dresses are the links down below.. Let me know which colours would suit me. Thanks 🙂

Which Colour Chinos Would Go Good With This?

im wearing grey converses with this and this what chinos preferably should i wear? if not what do you recommend? thanks

Have You Ever Used A Tissot Prc200 Watch? What Colour Is Best?

I’d like to buy a Tissot PRC200 watch with a metal strap, not a leather strap, because a leather strap can be easily damaged by sweat. But I don’t know which colour of the face to choose, among white or blue . I’m in my early 20s and I usually wear suits every day, except […]

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