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Discount Vouchers – How Companies Benefit From Promotional Discount Vouchers

Do companies display all their products during a discount season? The answer is no. Only a limited range of products are available for a reduced price. For instance, if a shoe company has four products in its product line, one of them will be reduced by fifty percent. Every product in the product range is […]

Is Obama To Blame For The Unemployment Rate, And Or Companies Having Less Accommodations?

I always remember jobs working with you for any needed schedule changes. They make sure you have payed parking. If there is food left over or product they are going to throw away its yours. you get a large employee discount, they are less uptight about hair length, and offer a more fun atmosphere providing […]

Which Hosting Company Is The Best Among All The Companies?

Please recommend me the best hosting company…

The Nra Is A Front For Gun Companies?

The NRA takes profit from the sales of guns, i.e. round up program. If one purchases a gun it rounds up to the nearest dollar and the difference is given to the NRA. NRA receives a lot of money from the manufactures as well. Of course this lead to a conflict of interest, in which […]

What Is An Average Monthly Charge For Cell Phones From Different Companies?

Right now I have Verizon, and I have no complaints other than it seems like I am paying a lot monthly for my phone. I have the lowest plan for minutes (450), unlimited texting and 2GB data. Even after a 20% discount through my employer I still pay $95/month. Im wondering if this is high […]

Should Gun Companies Restrict Sales To Government Agencies That Want To Restrict Our 2nd Amendment Rights?… Firearms Companies Restricting Sales to Government Agencies in Areas That Restrict Gun Rights

Is It Poetic Justice For Gun Companies Refuse To Sale Guns To State Governments That Have Strict Gun Laws?


Can You Transfer Car Insurance No Claims From 10 Month Deals To Other Companies?

My car insurance is due for renewal in March. I have been insured with Admiral for 18months on 10 month agreements and am wondering if I leave to another company do I still get 2 yrs no Claims discount? I have been driving since July 2010 so wont have been driving for two yrs however […]

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