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How to Determine the Right TV Size for You

One of the most important, and often overlooked, aspects of purchasing a new television is the screen size. If you choose a TV that's too small, you'll probably have a lot of trouble actually seeing anything on the screen. Choose one that's too big and it might be a bit of an overkill on your […]

The Value of a Wristwatch – Factors Used by Experts to Determine the Price of a Watch

Wristwatch experts determine values by considering all of the internal and external components of the watch as well as the current market conditions and trends. Elements that determine the value of a wristwatch: BRAND The manufacturer of the wrist watch is certainly one of the factors that determine value of the watch. The most popular […]

Determine The Amount Of : Peroid Costs?

Knight Company reports the following costs and expenses in May. Factory utilities – $15,730 Direct labor $73,307 Depreciation on factory equipment – 14,740 Sales salaries – 48,473 Depreciation on delivery trucks – 4,256 Property taxes on factory building – 2,897 Indirect factory labor – 53,233 Repairs to office equipment – 2,073 Indirect materials – 83,496 […]

Please Help Me Determine Income On An Accrual And Cash Basis?

Please help me determine income on an accrual and cash basis? I am having trouble understanding this. Sales on credit $80,000 Cost of inventory sold on credit $65,000 Collections from customers $60,000 Purchase of inventory on credit $50,000 Payment for purchases $55,000 Cash collections for common stock $30,000 Dividends paid $10,000 Payment to salesclerk $10,000

Determine The Payback Period, Present Value, And Net Present Value Of This Project For The Three-year Period?

Determine the payback period, present value, and net present value of this project for the three-year period, utilizing a 8% discount rate

How Do I Determine Which Cost Structure Is Best For A Company?

Information: Cost Structure A has a variable expense of $89 per unit and fixed costs of $3.6 million. Cost Structure B has a variable expense of $202 per unit and fixed costs of $1.7 million. Obviously, structure A benefits from higher sales numbers to cover the high fixed. Structure B, provides some security in that […]

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