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Does Dispatch On A Saturday!?!?!?!?!?

I ordered an item on Saturday from a seller on amazon, do items get dispatched on a Saturday? Because I need it by Thursday and it is 3-5 delivery days.

Does Anyone Have A Valid Discount Code For

My first time buying there so…

Does Anyone Have An American Eagle Rewards Discount Code?

Would really appreciate, need new pants!!

How Does Buying A Knotts Ticket Online Work?

im going to knotts tomorrow with my friends and buying a ticket online gives you a discount. ive never bought a ticket online before so i dont know how it works. does it send it home after a few days or do you print out the ticket right after you purchase it on the site?

Does Anyone Know Any Discount Codes For I Need To Get My Son A Walker Now! Please Help. Thanx?…

Does Discount Auto Sell Batteries For Key Remotes?

I have a Nissan 2007 Sentra with the smart key feature. The batteries in the remotes must be going out, for I can’t always get into the car using the button on the door handle with the key in my pocket or in my purse. I took the remotes to a Walgreen store,but three people […]

What Condition Does My Property Need To Be In If I Want To Short Sale?

I want to replace the flooring in my house and am curious if it will be worth the money. We were replacing our floors with laminate and never completely finished it, so needless to say, it looks awful. I would really like to just have carpet installed just to have finished floors again, but short […]

What Does This Guy Want?

If you make a great meal and one of the male guests comments, ‘this is so amazing. you’re ready marriage. Marry me. I love you, ‘. Also I’m 17 and this guy is 24. Was he being serious or making a joke that I’m going to make a good housewife? He then whispered something to […]

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