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Doing business in the UK – Culture, Customs and Etiquette

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is not only important to be aware of these geographical differences, but also the strong sense of identity and nationalism field by the population of these four countries. The terms ‘English’ and ‘British’ are not interchangeable. ‘British’ denote someone from […]

Liberals, Why Do You Support Doing Things The Illinois Way Rather Than The Indiana Way?

Even though I’m only 16, it’s clear the state I live (Indiana) is way better off than Illinois because of our smart policies. Under Governors Pence and Daniels, taxes have been cut, we use our own energy, our schools have been improved with vouchers/additional choice, and we balance our budget every year. In neighboring Democratic […]

What Are Some Good Sites For Getting Vouchers For Doing Surveys?

iv heard there are sites that give surveys for vouchers for shops such as tesco etc

Is What Housing/section 8 Doing Right?

I lived with my mother in law. Some problems happened and my boyfriend and i broke up. I moved out. We got back together worked things out, she was furious we got back together, and moved out the same day she found out (the 13th) I am on her section 8 voucher and on the […]

Are These People Doing The Jobs Americans Would Do And Pay Their Sales Tax On?

Why we let this filthy slime in the country is beyond reason…

What Are You Doing On Ebay?

My eBay user name is cbrducati and I have 100% feedback. Please take a look at my items: Apple iPad 1st Generation 16GB, Wi-Fi, includes many bonuses! Music Production! $349.99 ESP – 10 electric guitar amplifier $49.99 fxpansion Geist drum/sampling software – retail box version – used w/ 2 Expanders – $377 […]

Is This Ok To Take This When Doing P90x And Trying To Lose Weight?

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey Chocolate

During A Period Of Hyperinflation The Fed Would Probably Be Doing Each Of The Following Except?

a/ raising the discount rate. b/ lowering reserve requirements. c/ raising interest rates. d/ selling securities on the open market.

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