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Citizen Watch Review – A Review of the Citizen Eco Drive Watch

I purchased this Citizen watch through Amazon and it even showed up prior to the estimated delivery time. I really like this watch, it appears far better in person compared to images online. The quality is excellent plus the hands calibrate flawlessly. The luminova is consistently utilized and endures a long time, which can be […]

Ebay Buying Item Confusion? Please Need Help?

i wanna buy a pair of locs but have never bought from ebay before. the thing is that a guy told me just choose the one you like on ebay and he will get them for me. the thing is that there a lot of locs that look the same but have different prices and […]

Where can I buy all the fairings for a 98 R1 red and white from brand new?

Does anybody know any links where I can buy all the fairings from brand new? Is that missing anything? help!!!?

On ebay how do you get a note on your listing’s saying you are away.( I have seen this on other listings). thankyou for your help.

How can i sell at a set price on

I have recently joined and would like to sell an item at a set price but i dont no how, it will only let me sell it ayuction style, how do i sell it so people can buy it now?

I'm new to Ebay and i just sold something. What do I do?

Recently(Well just now), I sold something on eBay. But I’m very new to ebay and I’m not sure how the postage and payment stuff works. Can you tell me what I have to do or what procedures happen now. A step by step would be amazing. Thanks

UK – where can I buy Nike Children's trainers cheaply? Online preferably. Ta.?

As much as I love Ebay, I’d prefer not to use it for this sort of thing. Too many fakes!

Grunge/emo styled dress for a party from EBAY?

I want to buy a short dress for a party where it’s quite a few friends round this house – a house party, there will be drinking also, i’m 16 So please make me outfits that are cheap including shoes from UK SITE ONLY! I’m 5ft3 or 5ft4. Brown long hair blue eyes

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