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economically problem- marks and spencer?

This is my problem- How do i State this problem is an economic one. All though Marks and Spencer’s have a large variety of products on their shop floor for customers to be able to access easily; once items are not on the shop floor, in most cases the there is no more stock left […]

What is Stiglitz's discount rate for calculating the cost of the Iraq war?

His headline figure of trillion is clearly shocking, but I saw that he is including a number of costs, such as the shortfall in productivity of dead and wounded soldiers, and macro-economic impact, that will last for many years, so he must be discounting these costs. Can anyone tell me what discount rate he is […]

How Is The American Economy This Year As Compared To Last Year?

Better, worse or about the same? I ask because I do estate sales and so far this year, sales have been way off from previous years and I’m hearing more complaints about my prices being too high that I haven’t experienced before.

1/ If The Economy Is Experiencing An Inflationary Gdp Gap, ___ Monetary Policy Might Be Used To ____ Aggregate?

Answer a. expansionary; decrease; decrease b. expansionary; increase; decrease c. contractionary; decrease; decrease d. contractionary; decrease; increase e. contractionary; increase; increase Question 2 One of the main purposes of the Fed’s reserve requirements is to Answer a. provide cash flow for business firms. b. provide sources for foreign exchange. c. provide sources for foreign investments. […]

Do You Feel In This Economy That Men Are Able To Succeed And Women Are Not?

Ok don’t scream and yell me alright, Im asking this because I am indeed a lady and I cant find work other than retail-which I hate- that was also part time and while I was going to school. I never made even close to enough money to pay my automobile expenses, bills, or to save […]

What If The Liberals Want To Stimulate The Economy By Threatening To Take Our Guns?

Thus raising the gun sales, maybe they are trying to stimulate spending and help the economy?

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