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Getting Enough Calories As An Athlete, Organic Vs Non-organic Etc….?

I think I posted this before and everyone tells me to eat chicken (every place I’ve been only has processed chicken). What about for the amateur athlete that wants to eat mainly organic (fruits/vegetables/nuts/seeds/etc… and only grass-fed steaks/wild fish? The problem is–I don’t think I can afford it. The only place to get this stuff […]

How To File A Complaint Against A School Teacher, For Theft, Abuse, Etc.. Read On ..?

Brief: There is a cheer coach/ dance teacher in Nashville, Tn. It was recently discovered that the prices were inflated for some parents, and discounted for others. She canceled a cheer competition after she received over 200.00 a piece from over 20 cheerleaders. that’s 4 grand. She did not offer nor mention anything about a […]

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