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Does The “federal Reserve” Have Any Connections To “the Black Hand Society”??!?

The black hand society assassinated Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand… And was the major PUSH into WW1…. However around this time, the Federal Reserve of the USA was enacted…. 1913 is the year… I only ask because JFK was signing act 11110 which was an act to take power away from Private Banks, it got disbanded […]

Can A Foreign Bank With A Bank Operating In The Us Borrow Money From The Federal Reserve Discount Window?

Can a foreign bank with a bank operating in the US borrow money from the Federal Reserve Discount Window and use it for their own balance sheet, rather than the balance sheet of the branch that borrowed it?

Where Could I Find The Latest News On The Federal Reserve?

What would be the best website to find out the latest discount rate on the Fed? For example, when I go to finance websites, and they say the Fed might change the Discount Rate offered to banks. I was wondering what would be the best website to find out the change as soon as it […]

Politics- Should The Federal Government Permit Taxpayer Aid To Parochial And Private Schools?

Would vouchers be considered taxpayer aid to religious schools? or simply assistance to parents who want to avoid crumbling city schools- support for the right of every American to receive a proper education? BQ: Do Americans (or should Americans) have a right to education under the Constitution?

Does The Federal Aviation Administration (faa, United States) Have A Q And A Web Site?

I tried a search using Y! Allegheny County Airport Authority (Pittsburgh, PA) expects to get $500 million from the sale of natural gas under airport lands, over the next 20 years. They claim the FAA has a rule that all of the money has to go to the county airport. If that is true, it […]

The Federal Reserve Wants To Encourage Banks To Lend More Money In Order To Increase The Amount Of Money Avail?

The Federal Reserve wants to encourage banks to lend more money in order to increase the amount of money available. To do this, the Fed would A. reduce the money supply B. raise the reserve ratio C. reduce the discount rate D. increase the discount rate

The Federal Funds Rate A. Is Always Slightly Higher Than The Discount Rate B. Can Neverbeclsoe To Zero C. May?

The Federal funds rate A. is always slightly higher than the discount rate B. can never be close to zero C. may sometimes have to be targeted at zero D. is an intermediate target

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