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Gaming desktop pc , need help buying one from

So generaly im looking for buying a new desktop pc , for GAMING and my budget is maximum 550£* non more , i cant afford more than this amount . and the games i might be playing are gtaIV , black ops maybe crysis. anyway can somone help me to buy one from or […]

How can I upgrade my computer with this Budget?

I’ve asked this question in the past but Yahoo deleted my question :/ I have £450 and a hp s5740uk computer. 😀 I would prefer for them to be on 🙂 I would use my PC for Gaming. Perhaps recording if it’s good enough.

Which Pc Would Be Better For Gaming?

Im just gonna put the two links here : is one and the other : so which of these two would be better for gaming and still good for general use such as word, powerpoint, watching videos, browsing the internet etc.

Which Gaming Pc Is Better?

I’m deciding to buy a gaming PC for UDK and Gaming so which of the following is better? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!

Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver For Windows (pc) Need Help?

hey I bought this item in amazon xbox 360 wireless gaming receiver but im not sure whether i bought the right one because I clicked on a different seller and he was slightly cheaper but there reviews are the same as each other and im confused whether I bought the right one or not, please […]

Could This Gaming Computer Play Skyrim And Minecraft On Ultra Settings?

Which Computers Better For Gaming?

Where Can I Get Cheep Gaming Computer Parts?

I’m wanting to build my own computer for next gen gaming for about £500 and the websites I’ve been looking on are american or charge thought the roof prices so if anyone knows where i can get some cheep ones i would be grateful for it.

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