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What Are Some Things I Should Look For When Getting A New Vet For My Dogs?

I moved back to my hometown not long ago, so I don’t have a vet that knows my dogs. I was starting to get very unhappy with the vet I had before I moved away from my hometown, so I don’t want to return to them. I adopted a puppy at my local shelter and […]

Whats The Legal Age In The Uk To Drive A Car And What Are The Steps In Getting Your License?

Hi, i recently turned 16 and I have some money stashed away and was considering looking into getting a car, but i’m not sure what the legal age for teens to drive in the UK is. I also am not sure what the steps are for when you are doing your licence i mean what […]

Getting A Letter Again For National American Miss?

So I did National American Miss this year and LOVED it!! So at the end of the year I got a letter for a discount, I didn’t have money so I couldn’t apply then. But if i didn’t do that will I get a letter again for the open call? Cuz I’m starting to save […]

Is There A Way Of Getting My Package Come Quicker From John Lewis Via Parcel Force?

Hey there! I have been wanting a google nexus 7 tablet for agggeeeesss and finally worked hard enough to save the money. My friend also bought me a £50 John Lewis voucher so I out that towards it. They didn’t have any in stock online so I enquired and they had some at the Cambridge […]

What Are You Getting For Christmas?

I would love to know what you’re receiving tomorrow! I’ve already had plenty of presents given to me early, such as: > GHD Straightener > Sky diving voucher > $300 > 3 Pandora charms > Dolce & Gabbana – The One Perfume > Gift vouchers > Swimmers > Clothing > White gold Diamond ring (From […]

What Are The Steps Involved In Getting A Live-in Caretaker For A Disabled Person With A Section 8 Voucher?

I have somebody who is willing to do it. What are the steps needed?

Can I Sale My 750 Gb Ps3 System On Ebay Without Getting In Trouble?

after i bought my system. i install a 750 GB hard drive into the system. now i need money and i what to sale as a 750 GB ps3 system on eBay..

Why Do I Keep Getting Ill?

i’m 18 years old, and in the last two months i’ve gotten ill in several different ways and it is really starting effect my lifestyle, college, social life and job, as well as this it is generally getting me down. first off i had a really jitty stomach about a few months back that lasted […]

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