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Is My Unemployment Situation Worth Getting A Lawyer?

I was suspended pending termination in October. Never called my Union, because I didn’t care for the job; now I’m receiving unemployment benefits instructions in the mail from the company (because they don’t have to choice but to send it, right? lol ). Now the reason I was fired was for lowering the prices on […]

The Likelihood Of Getting Approved For An Auto Loan?

Hey, I’m currently looking to purchase a 2005 Saturn L300 Series with approx. 75,000 miles on the dash. The sales price of $7488. My credit score is a 608 and I have $700 as a down-payment. I lived at my address for 8 years, and had my job over a year. The downside is, I […]

Chances Of Getting Into Ut Austin?

Moved to United States two years ago Now live in Oklahoma Unweighted GPA : 3.96 Weighted GPA : 4.2 Top 5% of my class class of 422 total credits earned 31 ACT score 28 -> will take it again in December Work Experience 06/2011-09/2011 Customer Service Representative at Target 40hrs/week 08/2012-still working Sales Person at […]

Should I Be Getting Boots Coupons?

I have had a boots advantage card for about a year now and spend money in there regularly, I always use my advantage card. I have never received boots advantage card coupons/ vouchers in the post yet my mum does. Do you have to have a certain amount of points on your card or have […]

Question For Nsca-cpt/cscs Getting Cheap Study Materials?

Where can I get the NSCA Essentials of Personal Training Multimedia Symposium for cheap. IS there a place other than getting a member discount from NSCA

I Am Going To Upgrade My Computer Wondering If What Im Getting Will Be Able To Play Every Game Available?

If not which ones wont it be able to play……… and two pairs of these…

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