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The Cost Of The Virtual!

Emboldened by his earlier encouraging experiences with the banking hawks Mr Thames Pond decided to carry on from there. He took a pledge to encounter any call from any credit card or banking executive with guts and intelligence. He must ensure that he refuse all unnecessary offers or entrapment. He’d no longer be vulnerable. And […]

Digital TV Switchover Winners and Losers

The digital TV switchover in the UK is happening now and will be complete by 2012, by which time you will not be able to receive the old analogue signal anywhere. It's a great thing in the long term and will improve our TV viewing experience but what are the downsides? The negative side effects […]

What Would Be A Good Gift To Give To My Two Bosses?

I want to give a gift to my two bosses, who are nurses, to show my appreciation for all the support they have given me the past two years throughout with my job and my ill health. My ill health is still ongoing and will be for another possible 2yrs but they are standing by […]

Good discount broker to trade on Nasdaq?

I’m British and want to buy Nasdaq stocks. What issues do I need to be aware with dealing from outside of the US, like tax etc? And what’s a decent discount broker?

Anybody Know Of Some Good Discounts Or Sales On Sandals Resorts? It’s So Expensive!?

There’s a page listing all the current Sandals sales and discount codes at:‚Ķ

Why Do Conservatives Think Capitalism Is Good?

Government is always better than private businesses. Imagine what a waiter would be like if they were as polite as the people at the DMV. Imagine how cheap everything could be if Walmart could get the same discount the US military gets on toilet seats and hammers. And having too many choices just makes […]

Good deal for Itouch 4th generation?

Im buying a 32GB Itouch 4th generation for 190$ is it a good deal?? How much do you think i can resell it for after? It works perfectly she let me use it today.

Good video game deals?

Does anybody know any good deals going at the minute for video games? Can be either Xbox 360, Wii or PS3. Guitar hero metallica is going on hmv for £30 with guitar if anybody wants to check that out too.

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