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How to Write Powerful Letters For Alcoholic Intervention and alcohol abuse Help

Alcoholic intervention letters are a powerful strategy you want to use. A two key is successfully preventing these special alcohol abuse assistance event from becoming emotionally overloaded with regret and resentment. The alcoholic feels defensive and tense in the first place and the ice two possible starting arguments, so if someone takes the bait two […]

Desperately Need Help With Integralsl ! Help!?

ere are some problems that I am having issues solving. Any help is appreciated. Part 3: Apply what you know about integrals to answer. 14. The average credit card debt per U.S. household between 1990 and 2003 was growing at the rate of approximately D(t)= -4.479t^2 + 69.8t + 279.5 (0 ≤ t ≤ 13) […]

Calculating Net Present Value? Please Help!!!?

Hello there. I’ve been stuck on this corporate finance problem for over an hour now! No matter what I try, the answer is wrong! Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?? Here it is: A new furnace will cost $45,000 to install and will require ongoing maintenance expenditures of $1,400 a year. […]

Help With French Please?

Could I say ” C’est pas bien” and mean “this is not good”? If not then how? Also, what would the difference be between the words bien and bon? What is a situation where the subjunctive form of a verb would come up, and would it be used similarly to Latin; expressing purpose or a […]

Ebay Buying Item Confusion? Please Need Help?

i wanna buy a pair of locs but have never bought from ebay before. the thing is that a guy told me just choose the one you like on ebay and he will get them for me. the thing is that there a lot of locs that look the same but have different prices and […]

Calculus Help Please!!!!?

1. The rate of sales of bottled water for the period 1993-2003 could be approximated by the following formula, where t is the year: R(t) = 14(t-1990)^2 + 100(t-1990)+2600 million gallons per year (1993 < or equal to t < or equal to 2003) Use an indefinite integral to approximate the total sales S(t) (in […]

Please Help I Need Advice Very Emotionally In Pain?

I just would want to know if you think i will hear from him again. I worked at a company where my co worker became my best friend he was with a girl for 4 yrs an at time I had a bf. I got pregnant an my bf cheated so I left an by […]

This Is My Final Build To My First Computer. I Need Some Help?

Im only 16, so I dont have a lot of experience with computer building. This is my build. First of all, is it worth having the ‘K’ version of the i5, and does that mean I need that cooler I have listed? Is there anywhere I can save a bit of money, baring in mind […]

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