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Should I Invest In A New Laptop Or Tablet For College?

I’m going to start college in the fall, and I was wondering; should I invest in a new laptop or get a tablet? I’m going to be majoring in education. I have a laptop now and it’s decent, it works well so I was wondering if I should get a tablet, that way it would […]

Should I Invest In Amd?

It seems logical that in Q4 2013 and Q1 2014 AMD stock will rise significantly as they are doing the CPU and GPU for both the PS4 and Xbox One. So what do you guys think? I think it would be a good idea as the combined sales of the consoles are gonna be huge […]

Do You Wear Cheap Flip Flops Or Do You Invest A Little In Them?

Looking at flip flops, I have seen that the ones offered at Walmart look so I got them at Walmart ish. I never thought I could be a flip flop snob lol. I like the quicksilver ones offered at Pac Sun. Wondering do you settle for the discount and dollar store ones or do you […]

How Can Canadians Invest In The Us Stock Market?

I am a Canadian citizen and I want to invest in the US stock market. I have searched through the web a couple of times but I cannot find a clear way to do it. I was looking at joining Questrade, but from what I see Questrade has no option of trading US stocks. Of […]

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