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Should I File A Complaint With Corporate Over This Issue?

I recently switched positions at work, this position swap was a slight upgrade and gives me the power to do most of my work from home, so I decided to convert one of my bedrooms into a home office… I went to the local Staples to purchase a new computer desk, chair, office phone, and […]

How Can I Get An Sr22 If My Insurance Company Does Not Issue Them?

I have a collector car and I have insurance through a collector car insurance company, and they do not offer SR22 vouchers. How can I get the SR22 endorsement that DMV needs if my current insurance company does not offer it? I don’t want to have to pay for a whole additional policy when I […]

Would Buying A New Phone Resolve This Issue?

Hey, from the UK. So I recently have been having this problem with the GPS on my phone this past Christmas… these pops ups appear with the following; “Attention. You need the following navigation license to accomplish this trip. United Kingdom. Buy Voucher Sync license Cancel” And after a while, another big pop up of […]

Brand New Tires Make Wuh-wuh-wuh, Pulsating Noise…tough Issue….?

At Discount Tire Co., I bought 4 new tires (Goodyear Assurance Touring). 2009 RAV4 SUV…. These made wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh-wuh noise, almost as if I’m rolling on very tiny bumps….my car does not vibrate though….when moving from side to side, seems to get no noise or reduced noise. I went back and asked for different set….they gave […]

Can Someone Help Me With This Sound Card Issue?

I have just bought this Xonar DG sound card from Amazon:… After installing it, some of the audio in some occasions spike up increasingly. Like a gun shooting, it sounds twice as loud as it did before. Can someone tell me how I can lower the sounds?

On January 1, 2011, Park Corporation Sold A $600,000, 7.5 Percent Bond Issue (8.5 Percent Market Rate). The Co?

On January 1, 2011, Park Corporation sold a $600,000, 7.5 percent bond issue (8.5 percent market rate). The company does not use a discount account. The bonds were dated January 1, 2011, pay interest each June 30 and December 31, and mature in four years. 1. Give the journal entry to record the issuance of […]

Wireless Range Issue + My Solution?

A friend of mine has a relatively small house all the bedroom are on the same floor, yet the wireless signal doesn’t get through the walls I will change the “wireless channel” later But as quick fix I want to use these powerline devices, one of them is a wireless extender, so my question is […]

I Am Using Tally 9 Version. The Issue I Have Is I Am Not Able To Type/change The Date During The Voucher Entry?

Can anyone help me out…it need it asap!!!! i m jst able to type 1st 2nd n last date of tht month i.e. 30 or 31sr… any other date i type….it does nt accpt thanks in advance

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