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How to use ITUNES gift card voucher?

Hi, Ive loaded my voucher onto my itunes account and it says that its all loaded and provided me with a balance of £10.00 I just wanted to know… if I press "buy" to purchase a film on itunes, will the money come off my itunes voucher straight away or will it come off my […]

Can you use an itunes voucher in the ipad app store?

Can you use an itunes voucher to buy apps on the app store on the ipad? I’m in the UK btw if that effects anything

How to spend a £15 itunes voucher?

Hello, I have had a £15 itunes voucher for christmas and i was wondering how to spend it. I am going to get one song (and only one) and thats gangnam style and i already have wheres my water picked out of the apps but i wanted a few other apps too. To give you […]

How do I spend my iTunes gift voucher?

My friend won a £15 iTunes voucher in school and she gave me it. I redeemed the code for it and my iTunes balance is now £15, but whenever I try to buy something it says denied. Can you help me figure out how I spend my money?

Can you use a regular itunes voucher to buy apps on an iPad 2?

I am hoping to get an iPad 2 this weekend, and I have a voucher for 20% off itunes vouchers, I would get one if I knew i could use it with my iPad, does anyone know for sure? Do I get iPad apps through itunes like my iPhone?

Where Can I Buy A Us Itunes Voucher?

I’m from the UK but I was trying to buy from the US itunes and the only way I can do this is by buying a US itunes voucher. Does anyone know of any sites other than Ebay where I can get one from? Thanks 🙂

Why Wont Itunes Except My Password?

I want to redeem a voucher but its refusing to take my password. The password isn’t wrong. I specifically remember creating the i.d and I also wrote it down.

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