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27. On January 1 Of Year 1, Drum Line Airways Issued $3,500,000 Of Par Value Bonds For $3,200,000. The Bonds P?

27. On January 1 of Year 1, Drum Line Airways issued $3,500,000 of par value bonds for $3,200,000. The bonds pay interest semiannually on January 1 and July 1. The contract rate of interest is 7% while the market rate of interest for similar bonds is 8%. The bond premium or discount is being amortized […]

What are UK January sales like?

I have £350 to spend these holidays and should I spend it before Christmas and get things or wait for the January sales? I’m mainly interested in clothes shops like Topman, Ark, River Island etc. Is it that much of a reduction, or is not really worth waiting?

Are halfords having a january sale?

Does anyone know if halfords will be having a January sale, I would like a decent bike but they are a bit expensive, have my eye on the carrera vengeance which has consistent hood reviews.

Do people restock their stuff in sales?

Like in the January sales, do they restock if a certain item is sold out?

When do January sales end?

I know it sounds like a stupid question considering they’re called the JANUARY sales but do they end right on the end of January or sometime through February? And will prices go up a lot at the start of Feb? The soonest I can go shopping is in Feb so I would like to know […]

Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card?

i seen that you can get a free jobcentre plus travel discount card when i looked on this bus service site. but how do you get one, or do you just ask for one, or will it affect your benifits, job seekers allowance, etc. in during January 2013

Does and have January sales?

There’s this ipod docking station I want, but they only sell it on and, so was wondering if they’ll have january sale on then I can get it for cheaper. Thanks 🙂 x

When do the clothes sales start and end in UK / Ireland, December / January?

I wanted to do some shopping for clothes and as a student I don’t have much disposable income so I wanted to shop during the sale. I was wondering when will the sales be at their best in shops, is it during December or January? Thanks.

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