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Can Anyone Tell Me About This Lamp?

I found this lamp at a yard sale for 900 dollars. It’s the most beautiful lamp I’ve ever seen but when I went back to get it someone else had already purchased it. Does anyone know how much this lamp is worth and where I can find it?!/photo.php?fbid=545199212204879&id=100001444141462&set=a.215374365187367.52749.100001444141462&__user=100001444141462

Beatrix Potter Lamp – Need To Know How Much To Sell For?

I have a vintage Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter lamp for sale. It’s made by Westland Giftware, item #3086. The bottom of the box says “Peter Rabbit Hiding in Can Lamp” from the 100 year celebration. However, I can’t find this item on the internet and don’t know how much to sell it for. I need […]

How Big Is This Lava Lamp?

I want to buy it as a gift for my friend as he likes these sort of things. im not sure about the measurements on it, how big would this be? Because I wouldn’t buy it if it was really small..

Where Can I Get An Adjustable Desk Lamp Neck ?

Hi, I would like to know where I can get a flexible, adjustable hallow tubing that is between 30-50 cm in length. I need it for my for my A2 Product Design product which is a adjustable Desk Lamp but I havent really found anything that will do the job. Can anyone help? Just a […]

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