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What Could These Two Weird Dreams Last Night Mean Or Represent?

Dream 1 : Someone I really care about (although I don’t know who it was) got captured by this guy and he said the only way I could get the person back was to feel some pain in my life and he said I had to sacrifice one of my eyes. He was contacting me […]

Last minute holiday package deals?

Hi, myself and my friend are considering getting a last minute holiday deal for july 09 but have never done this before. We have always booked in advance. We will be doing it with a reputable travel agents i.e thomson, thomas cook etc so that all hopefully goes to plan. We are hoping to go […]

If You Pre-ordered The Last Of Us, Please Answer?

So I pre-ordered The Last of Us from Gamestop, and I got a code on the receipt. I know that’s to download the two DLC’s, but there is also a code on the paper that came inside of the game case. It’s called the “Voucher Code” I guess, and it says to activate the online […]

Help!!!!!!! Last Try To Get The Girl!?!?!?!?

Long story short I’ve liked her for 7 years now. About a month ago I took her to prom… We both had a blast. But between he time I asked her to prom and prom we went to coffee on a half date which her friend said I should do it again. Now I asked […]

Is “the Last Of Us” Really That Good Or…?

has Sony paid off reviewers to give it perfect scores to generate a big boom in sales approaching the death of the current generation of consoles?

How Is The American Economy This Year As Compared To Last Year?

Better, worse or about the same? I ask because I do estate sales and so far this year, sales have been way off from previous years and I’m hearing more complaints about my prices being too high that I haven’t experienced before.

Still Angry After Last Nights Disagreement?

Hi, last night my husband and I had a terrible disagreement. He socializes quite often as he is a sales manager, which I don’t mind, last night he phoned and said he is going for a few drinks with a colleague after work, I had asked him to get some food for us and also […]

Last Minute Cheap Airfare Notification?

Ok….so I need to make it to a wedding in June 2013 but I do not have 400-500 dollars right now to purchase a ticket. What I’ve heard is that you can hop on a last minute day-of flight to the destination at a discounted rate (similar to student rush at a theater). What i’m […]

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