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Do You Like Here’s A New 20% Rep Code For You!?

Hey guys, i’ve changed my rep code from heatherluuux to clueless It’s easier to remember it’s shorter, it’s catchier. You still get the same 20% off the first time and 10% every other time you use it. Get the newest, freshiest street wear brands, discounted majorly! use my new rep code: clueless

Would Like Some Halfords Discount Codes That Are Available?

Anyone know any good voucher websites that I can get Halfords discount codes and promotions from to use on their website?

Is It Safe To Buy Kitchen Goods From Discount Stores Like Tj Maxx?

I’m looking for skillets, pots, pans and a few other cooking items on a college budget and was wondering if anyone has any insight into the quality/safety of such items when purchased at discount stores… Are they sent to the discount stores because of quality flaws or simply over-supply? What brands would you recommend?

Guys? Would You Like To Receive Any Of These Gifts For Your Birthday? Please Help!!! :)?

my boyfriends birthday is coming up realy soon and i still dont know what to get!! these are some ideas i’ve come up with..would you be happy with any of them? feel free to add more ideas 🙂 50euro gift voucher for h&m Bracelet Lighters with bottle openers on the bottom 50 reasons why i […]

Applies To People Who Ride Motorbikes Only!….i Would Like Your Opinion On Something.?

i am looking at opening my own bike dealership. my main focus will be the social aspect that comes with customers coming into my shop and talking about bikes, because we all know if you have a motorbike you love to talk about it and talk about all the trips planned. so my question is, […]

Other Clearence Stores Like Tk Maxx?

I am in the UK and TK Maxx has some great discounts. (TJ Maxx in the US). But sadly the US TJ Maxx does not have an online store so cannot get great discounts online. Only from UK TK Maxx. I recently got a pari of Calvin Klein jeans for 15 pounds down from 105 […]

What Cakes Do You Like?

I am doing a bake sale and I was wondering what cakes that you like, so I can make them.

What Is It Like Working In The Jewelry Department Of Walmart Like?

I’m 18 and I’ve recently applied for jewelry and shoe sales job at my local Walmart. How’s it like? What should I expect the job to be like? How’s the pay? Also will they just keep me in the jewelry area my whole shift everyday or will they also put me on cash register and […]

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