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What I Did, Will It Be Considered Animal Abuse. To Save Another Dog’s Life. Long?

Well my sister owned this Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Rhino. She had him from a puppy. She had a Jack Russell Terrier who hated Rhino. As Rhino got older, my sister and her boyfriend caged him up. She has 2 girls. They were 1-2 and 3-4 then. And Rhino would jump up and bite them. My […]

Long Lasting Jeans That Don’t Cost Two Legs?

Both of my saddles are rough out, seat and fenders, so I go through jeans pretty quick. It’s at the point where my mom won’t let me buy new jeans. It seems like I’m at Goodwill every two weeks. I would love to buy Wranglers, but I don’t have that kind of money. Does anyone […]

Good deals on Long haul holidays?

Just wondering what would be good websites to look at for reasonable deals on long haul holidays ?

Web Developers, How Long On Average Does It Take For You To Build An Ecommerce Website?

We’re talking client being able to add their own products to the website, voucher codes, shopping cart, checkout, quantity but from the start you as a developer add nothing more than test product, it is up to your client to fill up the shop, not you, the rest of the website has about 15 informative […]

How Long Will It Take For A Parcel From Amazon Take To Arive?

I ordered a book from late Thursday afternoon and selected 3-5 business days for delivery, however I live in Swansea where Ffordd Amazon is based (They’re like 20 minutes away), so I don’t think it will take a whole 5 days. I was wondering if anyone knew what day it would arrive?

Amazon Order Taking A Long Time?

Hi, I Ordered from amazon A nerf gun Longshot cs-6 Its about 4 feet long and it was dispatched in the UK and im in the UK so it doesnt need shipping or anything. Does anyone have an idea of how long it will take to arrive and what type of carrier it will be […]

Have I Done The Wrong Thing? (long Question)?

My partner and I have recently separated, and he is currently moved out of the family home and staying with family. We have been going to relationship counselling sessions since March of this year, and despite the fact that a couple of weeks ago he said he felt he no longer wanted to be in […]

How Long Did It Take You To Get Your Section 8 Voucher? How Long Did They Estimate?

I live in Missouri and I applied for a section 8 housing voucher and they said it would take about 2 and 1/2 years and I was wondering if anyone got it sooner than what they told you it would take or did it take longer?

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