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What’s the difference and Link between Marketing and Sales?

I personally understand that Marketing has to do about the understanding of the product and Sales is about how to approach and convince the customer to buy the products. Your opinions would be welcome to help me understand it better.

Sales Director vs Director of Sales?

Can anyone advise what the difference is to be a Director of vs a "something" Director ? I was offered a job that was described and sold as Sales & marketing Director, I accepted and now the company are about to issue a new organisation chart and I’ve been listed as Director of Sales & […]

Looking for marketing information about Marks & Spencer?

Hi, We are a group of MBA students and as part of a Marketing project we are looking for past [green] marketing campaigns that were initiated by Marks and Spencer (M & S). If anyone has any idea about a good database or a website with some good resource about those campaigns, we would really […]

What exactly do those Sales and Marketing Jobs actually mean?

I see lots of jobs advertised online for Sales & Marketing, fun, lively office £250-£400 per week earnings etc. But what do these jobs actually mean? What would actually be doing on a daily basis? All the ads are rather vague. And is it commission based? I went to an interview for one of these […]

How To Write A Marketing Report For A Dying Company?

I have to write a marketing report for a dying company (Most of its outlets have closed down or are going to). I don’t know how to start the report, any help would be greatly appreciated. The two things I MUST show in this report: – Customers’ needs, currently unfulfilled or new – Ideas to […]

Need Answers For The Following Marketing Management Mcq?

1) Relying on previous experience with the product, consumers will chooseit, when available, over a competitor’s product in the brand loyalty stage of (a). Brand preference (b). Brand recognition (c).Brand Insistence (d). Brand Loyalty 2) The stage in the adoption process reached when an individual learns about a new product but lacks information about it […]

Small Business Sales And Marketing Pay Increase?

I’m currently managing a small web design business, which has 2 developers (I’m one of them) developing applications for clients. We earn about $6000 per each job we get. We have a sales and marketing director who gets us about 60% of our jobs, and he is currently paid 15% of the total amount we […]

Is Sales Promotion Dead Or Has It Morphed Into Integrated Marketing?

Has the term and definition of sales promotion been removed from the promotional mix and replaced with integrated marketing? I agree that the goals, objectives and tools of sales promotion are still valid and in use, perhaps under the digital or interactive marketing definition, but is the traditional concept of sales promotion still valid and […]

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