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Why Is Obama Trying To Defund The Dc Charter Schools (again) Which Have A 97% Graduation Rate?

…. and considering that the DC “public schools have” a “55 percent” graduation rate? Joe Lieberman and John Boehner saved the program in 2009 – maybe it can be saved this time also? More than 90 percent of the voucher parents are happy with their children’s academic progress and applications for the next school year […]

Hasn’t This Nsa Surveillance Program Proved That Obama Is The Greatest President Ever?

No matter what anyone thinks about President Obama, personally, no one can name another President in the history of the United States that could have installed a program where every Americans privacy is violated and the people passively accept it (even if the technology existed during their terms). President Obama has permanently altered the landscape […]

Is Obama To Blame For The Unemployment Rate, And Or Companies Having Less Accommodations?

I always remember jobs working with you for any needed schedule changes. They make sure you have payed parking. If there is food left over or product they are going to throw away its yours. you get a large employee discount, they are less uptight about hair length, and offer a more fun atmosphere providing […]

Why Does Obama Want A Internet Sales Tax?

he likes taxes

Can I Use My Obama Voucher For A Free Phone To Purchase The New Playstation 4?

A billionaire should be forced to buy it for you. You should not have to shell out anything at all. After all, this is obongoland now.

Obama Already Reformed Medicare. Really?

Make improvements to the Medicare program: – Provide a $250 rebate to Medicare beneficiaries who reach the Part D coverage gap in 2010 (Effective January 1, 2010); – Phase down gradually the beneficiary coinsurance rate in the Medicare Part D coverage gap from 100% to 25% by 2020: • For brand-name drugs, require pharmaceutical manufacturers […]

If Obama And Holder Can Sell Guns To The Mexicans Then Why Can’t I?

Free Taco with the purchase of 3 Ar-15’s but you have to have them validated in Mexico before I give you a voucher. – –

What The **** Is Obama Thinking?

has anyone seen the speech obama gave about the assault weapons ban. does anyone else feel that what he said was totally out of line and just a slap in the face to everyone in this country. i voted for obama and im starting to regret even wasting my time voting after hearing what he […]

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