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Debt Collector Sent Settlement Offer But No Money?

I have a debt in collections close to $8,000. CA sent a letter offering me a discount of 40% on the debt. I would love to take them up on it but don’t have the funds to do the required one-lump payment. If I don’t respond to this offer will I be more likely to […]

What is the difference between an Offer, Promotion & Sale?

A discount card offering 10% off purchases but the terms on the back of the card specifically state that it can’t be used in conjunction with any Offers or Promotions. It doesn’t mention Sale products BUT the company is refusing to allow the use of the discount card on items which have been reduced in […]

The Yates Company Will Offer Its Preferred Stock For Sale In The Very Near Future.?

These shares will have a guaranteed annual dividend of $10 per share. Average dividend yields on a preferred stock are currently 5% according to Morningstar. If this preferred stock could be purchased today, what price per share would you expect to pay for it?

Will Best Buy Offer My A Big Discount? Coming From Canada.?

I’ve decided to buy my TV in the US (Plattsburgh) I will be driving south from Montreal to pick it up due to the 600-700 price difference for the ST60 Panasonic model. I was wondering if I mentioned it to the sales people and manager at best buy that i’m coming from Canada they would […]

When Working For Dish Network What Employee Discount Do They Offer For Cellular Service?

What employee discount cellular service does Dish Network offer for its employees? What service do they carry?

Got A Job Offer As A Sales Exe In Saudi. How Can I Possible Adjust Knowing That I’m A Filipino New To Ksa?

Walgreens Coupon Code – Do These Offer Discounts On Everyday Products?

I am tight with money these days.. want to get everyday stuff on low prices…where can i get discounts on everyday stuff?

Discount Tire Rebate Offer Code Needed Please. 2/22 – 2/28/13?

I am trying to find the offer code for the $100 dollar Visa rebate card that Discount Tire is offering in the mid-west. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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