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Do Debit Card Bills Only Show Price Of What You Bought And Not The Product?

I told my mom I was buying a game that was on sale for $50 with her debit card and I actually didn’t. Will what I bought show up on the bills or something? (Bought it over Internet)

How Can I Get To Having Only 5% Body Fat?

I am 17 years old male (very close to becoming 18) and I want to get visible six pack abs , I have done some research , I know which exercises I must do and I know that to get visible abs you must have 5%/6% body fat , but the only thing I need […]

Can I Only Use 1 Stick Of Ram?

i want to use 1 stick of 8gb ram. Can i do this on this motherboard?…

My Manager Rented Out My Backyard Isn’t Only Right That I Should Receive A Discount?

Hello everyone.. My father and I rent a house we pay 1,300 dollars a month it’s on a month to month agreement no contract. Now my father is visually impaired we have been living here for Two Years now, and recently our Manager decided to rent out our backyard to a man with a business […]

How Do I Make S/n Serial Numbers In Excel Increment Based Only On Entries In 1 Column?

For example, I am creating a business excel street to record sales of my product. Every entry will have: -Name -Design of product Customers will be allowed to purchase more than 1 product, but I want to log it in such that the 2nd product onwards will occupy the cell directly below the previous. Therefore, […]

Building U.s. School=$200m. U.s. Construction Of Israeli Secret Base=$25m Only?

Couple years ago I read that building a public school in South Florida would cost $200 million dollars. The sum is out of this world. Yet, U.S. building a secret base for Israel–which unfortunately for the Israelis it is not so secret anymore after U.S. published details of the bldg. plans, etc.–will cost ONLY $25 […]

Why Can I Only Get 10mbps On A Cat5e Wire?

Hi there, My internet speed is 20Mbps but speedtests show I get ~9.6 max, the ping and uploads are perfect. I thought Cat5e cables could support up to 100Mbps ? This is the wire I have : One review says “his cable is not fully cat5e compliant (or at least the one shipped to […]

Why In The World Can’t I Find A Phone That Only Rings 4 Callers On In My Contact List?

Until phone manufacturers offer phones (cheaply that is, I know commercial systems to this) that require a password number in order for your phone to RING (would only apply to callers NOT already added into in your phone’s contact list otherwise they can only leave voice mail after FOLLOWING A PROCESS that requires a live […]

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