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I Forgot My Gtc While Tdy And Paid For Lodging With My Personal Card.?

I contacted finance first and they said it was no big deal but its a few weeks later now and I’m about to file my voucher and I heard some stuff about people getting in trouble for not using their GTC. Anyone know anything about this?

Will The Christian Religion Eventually Destory Personal Freedoms In America?

Republicans have enough money now to butyand control the US government using the Christians as simpleton pawns in their game. It’ll be like the Roman days, except scientists, atheists and non-believers will be killed for Christian entertainment?

Personal Tax Questions – Please Help!?

In 2011 I worked the whole year and delivered my first son in September. I stooped working full time and went into part time then. My return was over $5K, Now in 2012 I entered unemployment with my last 2011 job and all my weekly earnings were taxable when earned (my deposits were tax discounted […]

Technology Such As Cash Registers, Check Protectors, Time Clocks And Personal Identification Scanners Can Impr?

1) Technology such as cash registers, check protectors, time clocks and personal identification scanners can improve internal control. True False 2 ) Proper internal control means that responsibility for a task is clearly established and assigned to one person. True False 3 ) Internal control policies and procedures are identical across companies. True False 4 […]

Are They Worth Advertising With For Personal Trainers?

I am a personal trainer and have just come across another accreditation company. Are they any good though. They seem to offer a lot but I am new and do not know if what they offer will benefit me. I do not have a website and you only get one page with them. But you […]

I Have A Gift Voucher Card That Was Worth £177. This Is Due To Me Trading All My Personal Dvds In Store At Hmv?

After trading my DVDs in yesterday for a gift voucher card I am now aware it is no longer valid my card. I’m slightly pissed off due to HMV having all my DVDs my personal property and are now selling them in store while I have nothing! My DVDs are gone and my gift voucher […]

What To Give Parents After For Help With Our Wedding? Really Stuck?? Personal Experience?

We are getting married next June, 1st. We have already bought our bridal party their gifts, trinket boxes, personalised vases, personalised Glasses etc, My dad has a Personalised Pint glass, My mum a personalised vase. Both have Father/Mother of the bride, as well as the date etc so something for them to keep in the […]

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