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The best deal without a Phone, Carphonewarehouse?

I wanna start a new contract with Carphonewarehouse but dont need a new phone. wots da best deal i can recieve/negotiate for? ( last time i got 300 pounds, 400 mins/500 texts for 12 month contract)

Is A Dongle (internet Usb) Top Up Voucher The Same As A Phone Credit Voucher?

So is there any difference in a dongle voucher and a phone voucher? If not, can i go into tesco and ask for a £() phone top up voucher and use it on my dongle?

Where Can I Get International Phone Cards? Help!?

i have a mexican store and the people are asking phone cards to call to mexico, honduras, el salvador, etc.but i already called some numbers but they dont answer. so i was wondering if you guys know any. like phone cards of the prices of $2,$3,$5.i need them to be wholesale (like in boxes or […]

Where I Can Find A Merchandise Wholesale Phone Case, Cover Supplier????.?

Hi I’m salikin. I was selling lifeproof case on eBay than they contract me they ask me where I got this product. I told them I bought from dhgate now they hold my account. They said I have to find a merchandise supplier. I want to sale phone case, cover and more please can you […]

Verizon Wireless Phone Upgrade?

I’m currently in a 2 year contract with verizon but want to add a data plan and get a smartphone, now since I’m upgrading my plan to add the data, would that entitle me to a phone upgrade discount or not since it hasn’t been 2 years? I have my doubts, but hey never hurts […]

Can Someone Help Me With Finding A Cell Phone Company?

I work at Kroger and want to know if anyone can help me with the discount with Sprint, Ntelos, and Verizon. I cant seem to find how much it will cost me per month online. Can someone help me out? Thanks!!!

Does Verizon Give A Discount For Upgrading From A Basic Phone To A Smart Phone?

If i have an LG Dare and I upgrade to an iPhone 5 will verizon give me some sort of discount?

Would I Be Able To Put My Asda Mobile Sim Card In This Phone, If Not What Sim Card Would I Need?

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