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How do I know if external flash is compatible with my DSLR?

I have an Olympus E420 DSLR camera 10mp. Quite old, bought it in 2011. I want to get a bounce head flash for it. I’m new to using accessories like this with my camera, but when I get really close to my subjects a shadow is cast over the whole photo. So is this what […]

Reviews On This Photo Paper Please? And Is It Really That Cheap?

Hi, I am looking for some 7×5 photo paper for my photography course starting in September. I found these:… and was wondering if you have bought any of them before and have any reviews? Also, do I find it cheap because I haven’t looked around for prices etc yet? I think 53p is cheap, […]

Best Monitors For Photo Retouching?

Please help! I need to select a monitor for photo retouching. I’m a seasoned photographer stuck with a subpar monitor of a Macbook Pro. Not discounting Macs or trying to get into a Windows vs. Mac debate. All I want is a recommendation for a monitor with the truest possible color for my budget. I […]

Where To Look For Cheap Photo Prints?

I run my own photo business and am looking for a place that prints individual photos, albums, etc for an affordable price. I want them to look professional, with a good refund and return policy if clients don’t like the products they get. It’s a bonus if I get a discount for being a returning […]

Could You Please Like My Photo?

Here is a 3 bay compost bin I made using free pallets! Can you do me a huge favour and like the photo to help me win a hardware store voucher, so I can do some more diy projects around home 🙂

Snapfish Photo Voucher Question?

Hiya, I have loads of photos im printing now, and I have a couple of voucher codes to use. Is it possible on to use more than one voucher code at once? Thankyou, Natasha 🙂

Best Photographer Or Photo Studio In Suffolk, East Anglia?

I’m looking for some portrait pictures for a family an child and also a makeover voucher gift experience for my daughter for her Birthday Party.

Look At This Present? Photo Included?

Its for my boyfriends 21st on Wednesday. I’m putting all those things in a gift hamper. I’ve included: – a teddy bear – 3 chocolate hearts – 3 lindt chocolates – 12 twix chocolates – Max brenner waffles – personalized birthday card – $50 gift voucher to a tool shop (his an electrician) – $50 […]

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