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Travel Insurance Tips – Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Policy

Do you spend hours after hours making the perfect vacation plan but purchase your travel insurance policy at the last moment? You should realize the importance of buying a suitable travel insurance plan, which will cover your financial losses due to tour cancellation or lost baggage. This article suggests some tips that will help you […]

Is This Returns Policy Legal And Acceptable? Uk Based But Selling Internationally?

We will accept returns (excluding shipping charges unless the product is defective) providing the product is still in original packaging with attached tags, is unwashed, unworn and unused merchandise. Acceptable reasons for returns include wrong style, colour, fabric or size, manufacturer’s defect or the garment did not fit properly. Returns Customers wishing to return an […]

My Policy Was Amended And Is Still Effective But I Am Receiving A Check Equal To My Unearned Premium?

I have an assigned risk policy which started in September of last year and last till september of this year (2013). I have made all my payments for the six months require and received an insurance card for my remaining months i have the policy. An amendment was made to the policy due to a […]

1/ If The Economy Is Experiencing An Inflationary Gdp Gap, ___ Monetary Policy Might Be Used To ____ Aggregate?

Answer a. expansionary; decrease; decrease b. expansionary; increase; decrease c. contractionary; decrease; decrease d. contractionary; decrease; increase e. contractionary; increase; increase Question 2 One of the main purposes of the Fed’s reserve requirements is to Answer a. provide cash flow for business firms. b. provide sources for foreign exchange. c. provide sources for foreign investments. […]

Shops Return Policy Is Within 28 Days, Does This Include The 28th Day?

Sorry if this has already been asked but I can’t find it. Went shopping on my own and saw two dresses I fancied. Bought both as I couldn’t decide. Took them home to get friends opinion and intended to return the unworn one asap. Forgot and only got around to it on the 28th day. […]

“like For Like” Policy On A Tv And Its Warranty?

Hey all, I broke our Panasonic TV which came with a free 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. The insurance company has offered a replacement panasonic which does match the tv we lost, but it doesn’t come with this warranty…so the package isn’t “like for like…”. They can’t seem to tell me where in my policy that […]

Nordstrom Return/exchange Policy Without A Receipt?

so my mom’s friend works at nordstrom and got me a discount on these boots i wanted but when she gave them to me they didn’t fit and i dont wanna bother her to return it so i wanna do it myself but i don’t have the receipt and dont wanna ask her for it […]

Amazon Return Policy?

i recently purchased a product from i opened the box for it, used it and decided i don’t like it. the box and product are still in good condition, will i be able to return it and get a refund? Thanks and happy holidays!;D

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