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If Obamacare Fares Poorly As It Is Implemented, What Will Be The Political Ramifications?

Will Congress amend or repeal parts? Will the Democrats be hurt in the next presidential election? Will health care reform turn toward vouchers? Will liberal Democrats in Congress turn toward single-payer ideas? BQ: Which portions of the law do you think will be the biggest successes, or the biggest failures or disappointments?

What Political Party Do I Belong To?

Foreign Policy: The best way for America to create peace around the world is to lead the world with trade and economics and not in war. WE SHOULD GET THE HECK OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST? And we should start to withdraw troops from all other countries. Healthcare: I believe in a free market healthcare […]

Which Political Party Was Represented By Those Indicted In The House Post Office Scandal And Abscam?

The House of Representatives Post Office Scandal helped destroy the 40-year Democratic majority. It began innocently enough as the Capitol Police investigated one person for embezzlement. Once evidence mounted implicating House members, the Speaker of the House moved to quash the investigation. The public howled in protest, but the press and the majority party tried […]

What Was/is The Political Affiliation Of These People?

Federal prosecutors have charged 24 current and former IRS employees with stealing more than a quarter million dollars in government benefits. They’re accused of illegally receiving unemployment checks, food stamps, welfare and housing vouchers. Thirteen of the tax agents are facing federal charges, 11 are facing state felony charges, so they could all go to […]

What Do You Think Of My Political Views -agree Or Disagree?

Here they are: Taxes: They should be lowered on everyone (by a lot). The tax code should be simplified Budget Deficit: I think that I balanced budget is important, and as I support lowering taxes drastically, I support deep spending cuts to avoid going deeper into dept Government intervention: Government regulation on businesses is bad […]

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